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  • Aderia

    Japan . World Best Handblown Quality,Over 200 years handcrafted roots . MYR 60

    Aderia has been making long-lasting and reliable glassware for over 200 years. Each Aderia piece is thoughtfully and ethically made in elegant forms, textures and colours in their glass factories located in Japan. 

    Aderia was designed with the aim of enhancing your Sake experience. Which is why they offer such great variety of cups that cater to your needs. Whether you're sipping to relax at the end-of-the-day, gathering with friends over a feast, or looking for special gifts for a Sake connoisseur, Aderia has the perfect cup for you to choose from.

    Aderia products are made from Hand-blown quality. A durable yet functional collection, this is something you don’t want to miss.  

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  • Ah Kuan


    ISO 14000

    Main brands include Ah Kuan (阿宽) and BaiJiaChenJi (白家陈记). Specialise in instant foods, particularly noodles in various Sichuan flavours, as well as condiments.

    Baijia is the top instant broad noodle and vermicelli manufacturer in China with 20 years of history, with sales in over 20 countries worldwide. Baijia owns 6 factories nation-wide with an annual GMV of over RMB 2 billion in 2020. 

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  • Baijia


    ISO 14000

    Main brands include Ah Kuan (阿宽) and BaiJiaChenJi (白家陈记). Specialise in instant foods, particularly noodles in various Sichuan flavours, as well as condiments.

    Baijia is the top instant broad noodle and vermicelli manufacturer in China with 20 years of history, with sales in over 20 countries worldwide. Baijia owns 6 factories nation-wide with an annual GMV of over RMB 2 billion in 2020. 

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  • Baziwei


    HACCP certified
    FDA authorized

    Specializes in Authentic Seasonings and Chinese Cuisine condiments for spicy hot pot, ready-to-eat foods, dipping sauce, Hot Pot Paste, Crayfish Sauce, rice, seafood, spicy veggies & cold meats. 

    With over 1000 SKUs, the Dekang is one of China’s most innovative spice production centers. In 2016 alone, they invested 50 million RMB in a brand-new seasoning production plant in Degan Industrial Park. 

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  • Benny's

    . MYR 1320

    Benny's was established in 1968, they are known for their household products and decorative ornaments. 

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    Japan . MYR 1296.00

    POST GENERAL reevaluates the value of what we have and adds new essence and design.

    British vintage groceries, with the added element of change through the years, simple design, and rough materials, are like values.

    The goal of this brand is to provide new values by rethinking function and use.

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  • CarriCo

    Japan . MYR 1370

    CarriCo cutlery sets are made of stainless steel and aluminium manufactured in Japan.
    Their cutlery set consists of spoon, fork and knife, packed in a matching colourful case and their individual items fit together for an added convenience.

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  • Celec

    Japan . MYR 1710

    Manufactured by Yamaka Shoten Co., Ltd. this company is dedicated to Western ceramic tableware for over 100 years since its establishment in 1913. The Celec range is a perfect example of functional meets beautiful design, and their teapot and mugs also come in same designs so you can purchase them as a complementary set.

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  • Chenchangyin


    Specializes in Chinese fried dough twists also known as “mahua” (麻花). They are  recognised as a Chongqing Specialty and listed as one of the most famous Chinese Snacks.

    Established in the 1990s, Chen Chang Yin is a renowned Chinese snacks manufacturer and the only local traditional food brand in Chongqing that has won the honors of “Chongqing Intangible Cultural Heritage”. They sell millions every year with stocks distributed to 200+ stores across China. 

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  • ChinEAT


    ChinEAT is a brand founded by a team of young and passionate individuals who pride themselves on bringing real and genuine taste of Chinese cuisine abroad​. They have strong international brand presence in US, Europe and the Middle East with active social media channels and influencer postings. ChinEat's Sweet Potato Vermicelli Series is inspired by signature dishes and street food of the Chinese cuisine​. They are made from non-fried,100%sweet potato vermicelli. This series has varying spicy levels, suitable for vegetarians and contains no artificial colors​. Each product comes with multiple seasoning packets for maximum flavor​

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  • Clever Mama


    HACCP certified

    Leading manufacturer of high-end puddings famous for its quality and innovative flavours. Puddings are stocked overseas in Walmart, 7-11, Tesco and Aeon.

    Established in 2012 with two production facilities in the Anhui Province of China. Clever Mama has also set up a R&D center in Korea, utilizing cutting-edge Japanese and Korean technology to consistently test and develop new flavours and products to meet the taste of both domestic and international consumers.  

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  • Diller

    China . MYR 3300

    Diller drinkware is made of recyclable materials to reduce environmental impact. Their products are BPA free and designed to last.
    The range includes vacuum flasks, sports water bottles, children's water bottles and food containers. 
    Diller products are leak proof, and their water bottles are made from high quality food grade 10/18 stainless steel that are safer and lighter than using 8/18 ones or plastic or glass water bottles

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  • Duku

    China . MYR 70

    • Duku focuses on creating household products, smart small household appliances and other weekly commodities in the Japanese and Korean consumer markets.
    • Duku has cooperated with many well-known brands, such as Oxo, Rabbit and Chef'n in America; Bodum, Cilio and Bosch in Europe; Muji in Asia, Daesang and Coles in Australia.

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  • GN Korea

    South Korea

    GN Korea provides Korean healthy taste to consumers around the world by supplying fruit and vegetable drinks / other processed foods made with Korean products as main ingredients as we have strategic partnership with local producers in Korea.

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  • Houze

    Singapore . MYR 3150

    Houze is a leading home and living homeware store from Singapore. They provide a wide range of storage solutions and home organisation products. Find their full range of storage boxes, food containers, as well as a wide range of kitchen products including drinkware, serveware and tableware to dishwashing products.  

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  • Huajiao Shijia


    Located in Shaanxi, a northwestern Chinese province, specializing in snacks flavoured with Hancheng Dahongpao peppercorns grown in Shaanxi.

    Established in 2018, rapidly progressed to becoming one of the leading manufacturers of pepper flavoured foods with daily sales of more than 5000 cartons, amounting to over 50 million packages the past 3 years. Through rigorous testing, they have developed a sustainable production facility and a complete supply chain system that enables them to sell to chain retailers such as Biàn Lì Fēng and 7-11 across China. 

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  • Huida


    Specializes in freeze-dried lemon slices, desserts and beverages such as lemon curd, lemon honey tea and more. Huida is headquartered in Chongqing and has been committed to the growing, processing R&D and sales of lemons for over 14 years. 

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  • SuperBee

    Thailand . MYR 880

    SuperBee is a family-owned social enterprise, based in the mountains of Northern Thailand. They support plastic-free living through sustainable, ethically-made eco products. They are famous for their high-quality, reusable beeswax wraps that replace plastic wrap, as well as their other innovative, eco products such as coconut bowls, bamboo mugs and kitchen products.

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  • Snoopy

    Japan . MYR 1710

    • Licensed manufacturer of Snoopy porcelain dining and kitchenware series
    • Manufacturer of Western tableware for homes and restaurants
    • Values sustainability and incorporates recycling of ceramic tableware in their products

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  • Jadamsun

    South Korea

    • First to launch double layer (two textures) konjac jelly, a soft layer plus a chewy bits​
    • Made with super ingredient, Konjac which its low fat and high fibre. Uses erythritol instead of added sugar​ to keep the calories low.
    • Massively popular brand amongst customers looking for healthy and diet food products.

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  • Kano

    Japan . MYR 1296

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  • La Lai Zhu Yi


    La Lai Zhu Yi is a Chongqing noodles manufacturer established in 2020. They were completely new and unknown to the market, yet they managed to clinch top single product sales in Tmall's category of the day, in only 90 days.​ They built a strong brand around preserving the authentic Chongqing taste which are typically enjoyed in restaurants and noodle stalls, but now they can be enjoyed at home.​ Their products are featured by multiple influencers and are highly reviewed on taobao. Also received multiple awards for successfully bringing 'a taste of Chongqing' to people outside of the city​

    La lai zhu yi was able to capture the rapid growing demand of new and unique instant food products.​ Their Mala sauce packets are made with over 18 spices, including local sichuan peppers and dried chilli using a unique recipe​ and their noodles are non-fried but air-dried to lock in freshness without introducing unnecessary oil/fat​. Over 1000 bags were sold in 5 minute during a livestream, proof that these noodles are very sellable​

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  • Life Concept

    China . Designer series,Life style . MYR 3300

    Life Concept offers a wide range of contemporary tableware for commercial use. They are a renowned manufacturer of tea and coffee making ceramics, having supplied to many prestigious tea merchants around the world over the last 15 years. Source from our unique selection to complete your tableware set  

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  • Lilly White

    Japan . MYR 1370

    Lillywhite is manufactured by a kitchenware brand Yutaka-Horo. They are based in Tsubame City in Niigata, the center of manufacturing.​ They specialize in enamel kitchenware and enamel tableware related products​.
    Enamel is known for being smooth, hard, durable, heat resistant, scratch resistant, and it makes for a formidable barrier ensuring the continued safety and long life of your kitchenware

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  • Yoshikawa

    Japan . MYR 23843

    Yoshikawa plans, develops, and sells home-use cooking products by fusing the traditional local "Niigata Swallow Sanjo" technology with the know-how of our company, which we have cultivated over the years. In order to provide quality products that are easy to use while responding to changing values and lifestyles, we always cultivate an eye for strict selection of materials, quality, and technology, and are committed to making things that are related to "food" and to keeping products that can be used for a long time by focusing on things.

    There are 6 brands under Yoshikawa: Ryouri no Iroha, Gougi, Mirakutei, Eat+Cooking and Aikata 

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  • Wholly Grail

    Australia . MYR 70

    Wholly Grail is an Australian designed and owned, fair trade, sustainably produced, vegan, environmentally respectful, organic, small Australian business. They have a wide variety of premium quality products for home and lifestyle. 
    Browse a range of Wholly Grail's truly natural towels that are free from any synthetic chemicals, made with gentle processing techniques for a better-quality product that's best for your health.  

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  • Wang Hua Pai


    Manufacturered by Chongqing Sanzu Food Co., Ltd​, Wang Hua Pai specializes in the production of rice noodle products and has exported globally to Australia, the United States, the Middle East and now in Southeast Asia​. They obtained HACCP and FDA certification which is recognized internationally​.

    This is a series of instant yet gourmet rice noodles in iconic flavors of China​. The packets are portable and easy to store: have low moisture content, can be transported for long distances and are not prone to mold. They are manufactured with high-quality rice using modern equipment – from milling the rice to molding, air-drying, shaping etc.​

    This series comes with rice noodles and sauce packages – everything is seasoned and can be eaten after three minutes of cooking​

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  • Toyo

    Japan . MYR 1296

    TOYO is a company that plans, manufactures and sells general daily sundries and interior sundries, and OEM products on consignment.

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  • Mycheery


    GMP certified

    HACCP certified

    ISO22000 certified

    Specializes in food vacuum freeze-drying technology to manufacture freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, instant soups, noodles, drinks, yogurt and even meat/seafood products.

    Lizhongcheng has more than 20 years of freeze-dried food technology experience, pursuing high standards in equipment, management and product R&D. They have also met international standards in raw material production and quality inspection, allowing them to produce more than 3000 tons of freeze-dried products, with an output value of more than  RMB 300 million. 

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  • Tanabe Kanagu

    Japan . MYR 1370

    From Niigata City, Japan, Tanabe Kanagu started their manufacturing journey of houseware products back in 2005​. They Manufacture safe, high quality tongs ​that are made with patented technology and special processing, for maximum comfort and feel.​ They are a credible supplier with over 1 million units shipped annually

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  • Sanjiang


    HACCP Certified

    ISO 22000 Certified 

    Specializes in the usage of tartary buckwheat in food & beverages such as meals, snacks, tea and herbal products.

    Sanjiang has been manufacturing self-developed and progressive automatic tartary beverage production lines since 2009. With plants located across China (Liangshan & Sichuan), they invest in advanced technology for producing high quality and innovative tartary buckwheat products. 

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  • Mini Crush


    ISO 9001 certified

    ISO 22000 certified

    Specializes in fruit jellies, puddings, jelly drinks and jelly candies that stand out with professional design and packaging - their products are very suitable for children or gifts.

    Founded in 2009 and located in the Jiangsu Province of China, Lita Food has a total of 4 production facilities. With a huge focus on food quality and safety, their factories are certified and recognized by the FDA and SGS Group. Lita Food is also currently exporting to major retailers in the US - Walmart, Costco, 7-11, Key Food Fresh and even Walt Disney. 

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  • Momo's Talk

    China . MYR 1320

    Momo’s talk is a homeware brand that started in 2015 focusing on decorative homeware products. Their products are focused on creating aesthetic and unique designs such as this unique spinning calendar, or unconventionally shaped placemats. They also have a range of plush cushions that are both statement pieces on their own and make a complementary set 

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